• The Divorce Experience for Children

    The Divorce Experience for Children

    One of the most difficult challenges confronting a parent is how to help children understand and cope with the divorce and resume their normal course of growth. This is a difficult task because, at the same time, parental resources are being stretched to the limit. It is also difficult because parents often lack information and…

  • Seven Stages of Divorce

    Seven Stages of Divorce

    The seven stages of divorce are outlined in this posting. Parents that have divorced are challenged with a series of psychological tasks which, if mastered, can lead to a posi­tive outcome for both parents and children. Task 1: Ending the Marriage Bring the marriage to an end in a civilized manner. When done well, this…

  • Difference Between a Lawyer and Mediator

    Difference Between a Lawyer and Mediator

    When people have disputes that are not being resolved, within a family or elsewhere, they may need help to reach a satisfactory solution. If they are willing to deal directly with one another they might find that mediation is an effective and less costly alternative to negotiating through lawyers or litigating in court. For example,…